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Artur Baboev  –  art  photographer and animal photographer, who glorifies the beauty and grace of prideful horses. True craftsman with 17 years of experience. Participant of Russian and international exhibitions, member of the Russian Union of Art Photographers, winner of Russian and international photo contests, author of a book published in three languages.


Artur Baboev was born in 1985 in Leningrad. He started his artistic journey in photography in 2007, when he began to capture the beauty of the nature of his ancestral lands - Karachay-Cherkessia, and alongside - its local horses, whose images became the central theme of his creative work.


Artur's skill and talent were soon noticed and recognized by the professional community – already in 2010, he became the winner of the national photo award "Best Photographer". Later his works were honoured with awards at such prestigious contests as IPA - International Photography Awards (USA), Prix de la Photographie (France), Deutscher Fotobuchpreis (Germany), International Equine Art Competition (USA), NDawards (France), National Geographic Awards (Russia), Moscow International Foto Awards (Russia) and many others.

Artur Baboev is also the author of a photo book about Akhal-Teke horses "Golden horse. The legendary Akhal-teke", published in 2014 in the United States by Abrams Books and subsequently republished in national languages in Germany (“Goldene Pferde”, by Cosmos) and China (“BLOOD-SWEATING HORSE ON THE SILK ROAD. THE LEGENDARY AKHAL-TEKE. 丝路上的汗血马. 传奇的阿哈捷金”). At the moment, an extended republication of the book in Russian language is in the making. 


Finally, Artur's works are exhibited in private collections in Paris, New York, Beijing, Brussels, London, Hamburg, Rome, Beirut, Warsaw, Cairo, Tokyo, and, sure enough, in Russia.




  • "People of Consensus". The National Museum of Art and Photography. Moscow. 2023 

  • "All for the horse." Gallery of Classical Photography. Moscow. 2023

  • «Akhal-Teke, le cheval d’Or». France, Maison Laffitte Palace. 2014 

  • International photography awards (IPA) Best of Show Exhibition. New York. 2015

  • Exhibition at the Fierra Covalli Equestrian Festival. Italy, 2017 

  • Best Photographer 2010: exhibition of the winners of the first open national photo award of Russia. Lumiere Brothers Gallery. Moscow 2010 

  • «Žirgas fotografijoje. Horse in photography». 2017. Dusetos, Lithuania 

  • "Breeds of Russia". The Central Moscow hippodrome. On the day of the race for the prize of the President of the Russian Federation. Moscow, 2019 

  • "Winter Stories". Moscow. 2021 

  • "Horses of the world". An open-air exhibition on Tverskoy Boulevard. Moscow. 2018 

  • An exhibition at the anniversary of the Gold Mustang magazine. Morozov's house. Moscow. 2017 

  • "Horses in art. Painting, photography, sculpture". Institute for Strategic Studies. Moscow. 2018 

  • "Pets". CHA. Moscow. 2014, 2015 

  • "Horses. painting, sculpture, photography". Armenia, 2014 

  • "Horse Territory". Pradar International Equestrian Club. Moscow. 2013 

  • "Birds, animals, people." Central Exhibition Center "Manege". St. Petersburg, 2008



  • International Photography Awards - 1st place. The nomination is A Book. 2015. USA 

  • MIFA. Bronze award. The nomination “Pets". 2019. Russia 

  • NDawards. Honorable Mention. 2015. Poland 

  • Equestrian photography competition "Žirgas fotografijoje" Kultūros centre Dusetū dailės galerijoje. 1st place. 2017. Lithuania 

  • The Caucasus.doc - 1st place. Nature. 2017. Russia 

  • Winner of the ADME PHOTO AWARDS. 2016. Russia 

  • P3X, 2016, book – Silver 2nd place. 2016. France 

  • National Geographic “The Power of Sound". Editors' choice. 2016. Russia 

  • International Photography Awards™ - Honorable Mention. 2015. USA 

  • Deutscher Fotobuchpreis. Finalist. The nomination is A Book. 2015. Germany 

  • Equine Ideal Spring – 2nd place. 2009, 2010, 2012. USA 

  • International Equine Art Competition – 2nd place Editor's Award. 2011. USA 

  • 1 national Photo Award "Best Photographer". 2nd place. 2010. Russia 

  • "The Moment of Freedom". 1st place. 2010. Russia 

  • VIII Open Kazan Photo Contest. 2nd place. 2009. Russia 

  • Epson. "My favorite photo." 1st place. 2007. Russia


PUBLICATIONS in print media: 

  • Arabian Horse Times. USA

  • Horse Illustrated magazine. USA 

  • FEI world

  • 中国马会 CHIA. China 

  • Equestrian Time magazine. Italy 

  • Gold Mustang. Russia 

  • Zeitenspiegel. Germany 

  • The international yearbook L’Année Hippique. France 

  • Tekemania. Germany 

  • Akhal-teke inform. Russia 

  • Equestrian world. Russia 

  • ATF magazine. France 

  • Horse Expert. Russia 

  • Four Seasons. Russia 

  • Art horse magazine. USA 

  • The star of Turkestan. Uzbekistan 

  • In the animal world. Russia 

  • LDmag. Russia


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